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Every powerlifter needs one (or three).

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Nick wearing the TEM competition shirt
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Competition Tee


I’ve been in the powerlifting community since 2017 and I’ve bought much apparel from powerlifting companies such as SBD, Bacon and Barbells, A7, Virus Performance, Band of Barbells, Lu Strength, LVD, Loaded Bar and so many more. Last year, I launched TEM Merch Shop selling shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, mugs, notebooks and tote bags to fundraise for a local shelter providing food for students. But it wasn’t the same. Yes, for a good cause but it wasn’t exactly specific for competing powerlifters. 


This is why this time is different.


And yes, it is CPU-Approved.

Kieran wearing TEM comp shirt at 2024 OPA Provincials

Stop getting bored of your own food

The collections of recipes worth buying.

Feel like a pro but need a tad bit of an educational push (aka recipe collections and making meal planning easier).

Maria at the TEM Booth at the 2024 OPA Provincials


Want to work together?

The EAT Method, TEM, offers three services: Nutrition Consultations, Consultation + Follow Up Packages, and Monthly Coaching. As a competitive powerlifter, I understand the importance of nutrition is personal and flexible, and that’s exactly why I created services that support that.


If you’ve been looking for a Nutrition Coach that can speak and understand “powerlifter” and knows what it takes to level up, you’re in the right place.