• Cam Li tracking food intake on competition day

    The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Food Intake

    The first time I started tracking food intake, I lied. It was the first year of my undergraduate program, and we were instructed to conduct a written 3-day food record. I wanted to impress my professor and, more importantly, “fit in” with my classmates. So I fudged 95% of it. It was pretty ironic. One […]


  • How to Diet During The Holidays

    Peppermint-flavoured drinks are pouring left and right from all the cafes, and holiday decor is taking over foyers — I think we can all agree that the holidays are upon us. The holiday season is tempting and a widely-accepted excuse to eat whatever and weigh whatever.  But to a competitive powerlifter (who probably has a […]


  • Mark Tobias, Team Canada 74kg Powerlifter

    The Reason to Start Powerlifting

    WHY SHOULD YOU POWERLIFT As a refresher, powerlifting involves the 3 compound lifts: back squats, bench presses, and deadlift. In a sanctioned powerlifting competition, the athlete has 3 attempts per lift to lift the maximum amount of weight while following the referee’s commands and the federation’s rules and regulations. Since powerlifting is just one of […]