The Quick Guide to Nutrition & Metabolism

Your 12-page resource to understanding nutrition and metabolism. Learn about what the fuss is all about, the factors that influence it and more importantly, how you can support your metabolism using nutrition strategies.

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About Maria Manrique, the Nutrition Coach and Owner of The EAT Method

Meet Maria

Well, hello there. My name is Maria Manrique, the powerlifting nutrition coach of The EAT Method. 

Using evidence-based nutrition strategies, I work with many powerlifters to improve their performance (on and off the platform) and general health and well-being. After spending years stuck in the weight-cut cycle and impeding my metabolism in the powerlifting circle, I decided to change. Now I help other powerlifters do the same thing — get out of the unhelpful cycle and level up.

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The Quick Guide to Nutrition & Metabolism

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