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I’m Maria (Tobias), the powerlifting nutrition coach for powerlifters.

I ended up cutting weight numerous times.

Instead of winning gold medals, I created a negative relationship with my body and nutrition. I realized that not only had I been focusing on the wrong number, but I had been hyper-focused on the wrong aspect of the sport. I’m a competitive powerlifter and a powerlifting referee. I firmly believe that powerlifting is a sport of strength; however, that may manifest. 

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Did you know a portion of your payment goes toward the Lift4Life organization?

TEM is officially an Uplifter member of @lift4life_worldwide !

The first time I came across Lift4Life was when I found @storiesnotselfies (cue fangirl moment). To me, she was next level — yes, there are many strong powerlifters in Canada. Still, there aren’t many who are so intertwined in the sport of powerlifting, let alone actively impacting other areas of the world THROUGH their love of the sport.

I was inspired.

Lessons from a Powerlifting Nutrition Coach.

Take a peak behind what it is to be a powerlifter, become a powerlifter and date a powerlifter. I live and breathe powerlifting, curious as to how nutrition plays a role in that?

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