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Ready to fuel your training (and more)?

Cam thought he could continue to follow his training program and that his body composition would follow. Olivia thought that she was always going to experience digestive discomfort, and it was something that she needed to train with. Edwin thought he couldn’t fill out his weight class without diving into fast food. They were all wrong.

Does this sound like you?

Alicia, Nick and Silvia sitting down on a bench wearing TEM competition shirts

You’ve tried EVERYTHING, like following the Coached program on MacroFactor, purchasing meal prep and using another athlete’s nutrition program, but you are still stuck.

You’re frustrated, and the only routine you’ve established is hopping on this continuous cycle of starting over and over… and over again. 

You know exactly what you need to do, but you seem to find yourself… not doing it. It sounds so easy, and it’s almost annoying.

You know you’re capable of so much more, and you’re fired up. You’re aching to bridge the gap between the athlete you are now and the athlete you want to become. 

I've been there before.

I thought I could do it all on my own. Anything I needed to know was a Google search away. But knowing something isn’t the same thing as doing it. Many athletes know exactly what they need to do, but it’s bridging that gap being knowledge and action that often causes athletes to hit a brick wall.  With a coach, I added 42.5 kg to my total in less than 4 months. And with implementing evidence-based nutrition strategies, I increased my maintenance calories from 1800 to 2300 calories in 6 months.

There is a way forward.

You've heard about Cam, but have you heard about Jose?

Jose, a 74 kg CPU powerlifter, has been tracking his food intake and body weight for years before contacting me. From the data he collected, he did fill out his weight class and was able to manipulate his weight during the seasons. But he wasn’t satisfied – the changes in body composition wasn’t there. He knew he wasn’t growing to his potential. 

After working together, Jose has significantly improved his body composition (along with his confidence), and his maintenance calories have increased beyond 3000 (a 500-calorie difference) at the same body weight. 

He hopped off the rollercoaster of starting over when he started with TEM. 

See what Jose’s been up to these days.

Jose Atienza benching at a provincial powerlifting competition

You don't need to imagine the possibility.

Be the athlete you want to become.

Nick competing at Ontario Provincials 2022
Cam Li winning 66 kg. national title in the Canadian powerlifting competition
Jimmy Yu squatting at the Ontario Provincials Powerlifting Competition

Don't just listen to me, hear it from TEM athletes.

  • “Working with Maria allowed me to recover during my training, discover ways to continue incorporating foods I love & perform at my best. In times of adversity, Maria was there to guide me through protocols… She’s a professional who can cater to all your nutritional needs.”

    – Jimmy Y., 66.0 kg. OPA/CPU
  • “My body composition has improved significantly through different phases of nutrition. She also helped me during my adductor injury/recovery. I’m currently prepping for UF Open, and my lifts feel stronger than pre-injury. I’m still shook at how I can cut weight at ~2900 calories.”

    – Jose A., 74.0 kg. OPA/CPU
  • “I was able to make weight for Centrals and improve my relationship with food. I can track meals better now. I believe I make healthier and more informed choices with what I’ve learned… It’s a blessing to have someone teach and guide you in the right direction.”

    – Tami A., 76.0 kg. OPA/CPU
  • “I was able to make weight for Centrals and improve my relationship with food. I can track meals better now. I believe I make healthier and more informed choices with what I’ve learned… It’s a blessing to have someone teach and guide you in the right direction.”

    – Kimberly C., 60 kg. USPA
  • Jimmy Yu competing at the OPA Provincials Meet in 2022.
  • Jose Atienza competing at the OPA Provincials in 2022.
  • Tami competing at the CPU Centrals Championships in 2021.
  • Kimberly competing at a USPA competition


Monthly Coaching

TEM offers two monthly coaching options, Lite and Pro. I'm a powerlifter fully immersed in a community of powerlifters, I understand the unique demands of powerlifting. And so, I personally ensure that each option serves powerlifters just like you.

did you know...

In an effort to ensure each powerlifter establishes a sustainable foundation approach to nutrition, both coaching options include these features.

Embark on a comprehensive 75-minute virtual Nutrition Consultation through our HIPAA-compliant dedicated coaching platform. This 1:1 session serves as the foundation of your Personalized Nutrition Program, allowing us to dive into your goals, challenges, and unique nutritional needs. Together, we’ll map out a tentative roadmap for success, aligning your nutrition strategy with your powerlifting aspirations.

Experience the power of a dynamic nutrition plan tailored just for you. Your Personalized Nutrition Program is not a one-size-fits-all solution but a living document that evolves with your progress and changing needs. Updated regularly, it’s your guide to optimal performance, fueling your performance with precision.

Engage in regular 40-minute Check-Ins through our coaching platform. Dive deep into your progress, discuss challenges, and receive personalized protocols. These updates may include refining nutrient targets, developing targeted nutrition habits (such as nutrient timing), and utilizing customized meal plan guides.

Track your journey systematically with detailed PDF reports outlining progress made and the path ahead. These reports, provided at key intervals (4, 8, and 12 months), offer a holistic view of your achievements and areas for further development.

Empower yourself with unlimited access to our extensive library of Educational Resources and Recipe Collections. From evidence-based nutrition insights to delectable, powerlifting-friendly recipes, we provide the knowledge and inspiration you need to fuel your success.

Choose Lite

For the independent, new or busy powerlifter who can easily adhere to an evidence-based nutrition program with a bit more autonomy. 
Lite athletes receive Monthly Check-Ins and Protocols.

no contract

$ 175 month-to-month

4-month contract

Save $40
$ 660 payment options available

12-month contract

Save $360
$ 1740 payment options available

Need additional accountability and support?

Then, Pro was just made for you.

For the dedicated athlete demanding a level of precision that goes beyond the basics.
Pro athletes receive Bi-Weekly Check-Ins and Protocols.

no contract

$ 225 month-to-month

4-month contract

save $40
$ 860 payment options available

12-month contract

save $360
$ 2340 payment options available

how it works

Here's what to expect after applying

Get a welcome email

After looking over your application and deciding that we would be a great match, you'll receive a personal welcome and thank you email from me. It will indicate the next steps, what to expect and bring you over to the coaching platform. Psst, this is where you get to set up your profile!

Sign a Client-Coach Agreement

You've made it onto the coaching platform, now it's time for the legal side of TEM. The Client-Coach Agreement stating the full breakdown of the coaching program, payment details and so much more. This ensures that we are both on the same page, transparent as ever.

Book your consultation

You'll receive an invite to complete a Detailed Nutrition Assessment and book your consultation. We'll be going over the assessment and collaborating on your nutrition program during the consultation. This is also when your payment terms begin.

Meet your coach

Hi, hello - I'm Maria

I ended up cutting weight numerous times.

Instead of winning gold medals, I created a negative relationship with my body and nutrition. I realized that not only had I been focusing on the wrong number, but I had been hyper-focused on the wrong aspect of the sport. I’m a competitive powerlifter and a powerlifting referee. I firmly believe that powerlifting is a sport of strength; however, that may manifest. 

Not enough? Well, you're in luck!

TEM Community

Get easy access to our growing community of competitive powerlifters determined to pave their way in the sport with the help of evidence-based nutrition strategies. Fun Fact: Current TEM athletes also have access to fun challenges with matching prizes!

Alicia, Nick and Silvia sitting down on a bench wearing TEM competition shirts
Maria Manrique wearing the TEM competition shirt in training

Access to Nutrition Coach

Need clarification on a specific aspect of your Nutrition Program? Curious about tweaking your meal timing for optimal performance? Or perhaps you just want to share a personal win? With direct access, your questions won’t linger; answers are just a message away. Your progress is unique, and so is the support you deserve.


You've got questions? I have answers!

If you can’t find your question below, head to the Contact page.

Not at the moment. I have had athletes with health insurance that cover a wide range of health and fitness fees (i.e. health care spending account). In that case, you can attempt to claim it manually by sending your insurance provider a copy of the invoice (always available to you in the client portal). 

To be completely transparent, I cannot guarantee results because it is completely up to you to listen and implement the strategies discussed. Coaching is a collaborative approach to moving forward productively. I also do not offer refunds because work does begin (and doesn’t stop) as soon as athletes are onboarded. 

I run promotions throughout the year, especially at powerlifting competitions for the competing athletes. To receive those notifications, make sure you’re following me on Instagram and have subscribed to the newsletter (at the bottom of the page).

You’re not looking for a coach. You’re looking for a calculator. This a friendly reminder that nutrition runs deeper than calories and macros. The successful athletes you’ve seen on the platform are doing more than reaching their nutrient targets. 

I cannot provide an accurate timeline for anyone (even my current athletes included).  But I will say that results take time and patience. It’s a process more than it is the outcome. 

I won’t speak for other coaches; however, you’ll find that many TEM athletes will tell you that TEM provides flexibility in nutrition programs while instilling a commitment to the big goals. TEM considers factors that profoundly affect nutrition, such as mindset and attitude. TEM is the next level to your regular macro-coach.