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You thrive independently but you need direction.

You know nutrition is not a one-and-done kind of deal. But you’re also a quick study with an unrelenting, driven mindset to succeed. You understand that professional guidance can be the difference between making that record and having a subpart performance.

Nicholas Farrales competing in National Powerlifting Championships in 2023

You put the hours in the gym, but you're NOT seeing the results. 

something is missing.

You know you have what it takes. You’re just missing that ONE key piece – your nutrition. You find yourself thinking, ‘I just have to fix my nutrition, then I’m gold”. 

You're on the edge of quitting because you're unsure what would even work.

Not even your powerlifting coach can help.

You’re looking for an expert – someone who has experienced themselves and helped other lifters succeed and become the kind of athlete you’re aspiring to become. You can do the work, it just has to be the right work.

Camron Li benching in Nationals

You're at the right place.

Would you rather spend the next few months debating on whether you’re doing the right thing toward your goal or spend 75 minutes discussing the exact nutrition strategy you’ve been looking for to get out of this… sticking point?

Nutrition Consults

Dive right into the challenge and move forward through it.


We don’t waste time here at TEM.


Every second counts (and as a competitive powerlifter, you know that too). And no, it’s not a quick fix; it’s a step-by-step strategy for the next few weeks based on your current circumstances and upcoming goals. 

Nicholas Farrales competing in National Powerlifting Championships in 2023
$ 150
  • 75-min Nutrition Consultation
  • Personalized Nutrition Strategy
  • Access to Nutrition Coach

So how do you get started?

Well, here's exactly what to expect.


After booking your Nutrition Consultation, you'll complete a Contract, Detailed Nutrition Assessment and receive a protocol to start a Food Record. We'll need both data to move forward.


During our Nutrition Consultation, we'll collaborate on a Personalized Nutrition Strategy for the next 4+ weeks for you. I'll assist in how to start and adjust on your own, but it will be up to you to implement and troubleshoot.


You'll have access to me for 14 days after our Nutrition Consultation via our Coaching Platform. This allows you to implement your strategy with some level of guidance when needed.

But wait, you need more than 75 minutes?

Think of hybrid coaching

Coaching Packages

This is for the athlete who craves independence yet understands the value of expert guidance. With this innovative approach, you’ll have the freedom to book your Follow-Up sessions at your own discretion within a specified timeframe. And it’s during those sessions that we’ll dive deep into your progress, challenges and goals.

Making the process as simple as possible.

Here's what to expect after applying


After receiving your application, you'll be invited to book your Discovery Call. But, if my roster has been filled, you'll receive an email for your next steps.


During our Discovery Call, we'll have a discussion of what to expect from the both of us. Let's make sure we're both on the same page.

Sign the Agreement

Congratulations, you're one step away from being a TEM Athlete! This ensures that we're both covered on the legal side of things. We're legal here.


Come in PJs if needed as long as you're present and attentive. We'll go over all the data together to form your Personalized Nutrition Program.

Follow up

Book your Follow-Up Sessions at your convenience, so we can touch up on what's happened and how to continue to move forward.


$ 400
  • 75-min Nutrition Consultation
  • Personalized Nutrition Program
  • 3 Follow-Up Sessions
  • Access to Nutrition Coach


$ 700
  • 75-min Nutrition Consultation
  • Personalized Nutrition Program
  • 6 Follow-Up Sessions
  • Access to Nutrition Coach

But wait, who am I?

I’m Maria (Tobias), the powerlifting nutrition coach for competitive powerlifters.

I ended up cutting weight numerous times, which consistently limited my potential.

Instead of winning gold medals, I created a negative relationship with my body and nutrition. I realized that not only had I been focusing on the wrong number, but I had been hyper-focused on the wrong aspect of the sport. The worst part is… I wasn’t alone. When I stepped back, I realized many powerlifters had walked a similar path.  And it became a norm. 

So, I decided to take a step forward. 

I built TEM from education, experience and commitment to build a sustainable and realistic nutrition standard for competitive powerlifters.


You've got questions? I have answers!

If you can’t find your question below, head to the Contact page.

You’ll receive it within the coaching platform under Protocols. Psst, everything is conducted through the coaching platform!

Whenever! As long as you’ve completed the Consultation within the first 6 (for Basic) or 12 (for Enhanced) months of purchase. Yes, this means we could potentially be meeting each other every week until your Follow-Up Sessions run out. 

No worries, here is a link to book an individual Follow-Up Session. But if you have an existing Nutrition Coaching Package, head over to our coaching platform and click “Request Session”.

To be completely transparent, I cannot guarantee results because it is completely up to you to listen and implement the strategies discussed. Coaching is a collaborative approach to moving forward productively. I also do not offer refunds because work does begin (and doesn’t stop) as soon as athletes are onboarded. 

Please email me at to arrange this for you. This needs to be done manually from my end. 

You’ll have 14-day access to me after your last Follow-Up session.

Nicholas Farrales competing in National Powerlifting Championships in 2023

Let's see you thrive (just like them)!