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Nutrition strategy made for powerlifters to succeed on and off the platform.

so how did I become a powerlifter?

I wanted to be stronger than my ex, and then I wanted so much more.

Maria deadlifting wrong



A Goodlife Personal Trainer recommended powerlifting since I hated doing more than 5 reps per set. So, I hopped on a generic program that had me maxing out SBD almost every week for months straight… until I felt AND heard a nasty pop in my lower back. The worst part is I was only preparing for a mock meet.

Maria's first powerlifting competition



After months of recovery, I finally pulled the plug and competed. I knew nothing about powerlifting or competing going into it (clearly), so I was pretty clueless. But I remember feeling extremely sore and literally taped up by my chiropractor. I genuinely didn’t want to stay in the sport until I met Mark. 

Mark Tobias and Maria Manrique



As cheesy as it sounds, I fell in love with Mark and the sport. So much so, I was competing non-stop and it took a huge toll on my body. I was stuck in a diet cycle, and my weight kept going up. So, all I really looked forward to was lifting weights – and even that, I couldn’t get right. 

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interview with gosolo

I started and still operate my business by myself... It’s challenging but worth it, especially when I see my athletes enjoying the process.

Maria getting off the deck

and how did THE EAT METHOD happen?

I was deported and living in a foreign country with limited access to a squat rack and nutritious foods.

The entire transition was a disgusting wake-up call that forced me out of my comfort zone in all parts of my life. In the first 8 months, I constantly reflected until I realized I always knew who I wanted to become. The problem was that I was too afraid to fail on the way there. I mean, let’s face it, that didn’t really go well with the beginning of my powerlifting journey.



I want to become a Registered Dietitian for competitive powerlifters.



More specifically, I want to become the first Registered Dietitian of the CPU. I want to be up there with the Strength Coaches working with National and World-level powerlifters.



So, I finally took the risk when I signed up for Mallory Rowan’s Sell on Social course. And The EAT Method, TEM, was born. Despite living in the wild with a Dell laptop from the early 2000s, I connected with powerlifters worldwide.

what is the eat method?

Sustainable and impactful nutrition coaching for powerlifters, so they can succeed on and off the platform.​

It's about rebuilding your relationship with food after years of hearing bro science that never seemed to work. It's about developing a strong mindset and approach to your nutrition, so you can excel even when you're not in competition-mode. It's about doing the thing you've been telling yourself you were going to do. And it's about tapping into your inner athlete, and becoming the best.

and how can the eat method help?

When you're ready to take the next step,
I'm here for you.


Create a strategy, build life-long habits and stay accountable.

Maximize the process and outcome with a dynamic approach and support. Step away from the red lights and overwhelm. And move forward with white lights, clarity and direction. Don’t worry – there’s a tier for just about every competitive powerlifter.

Consultations & Packages

Get a professional perspective. Someone who will guide you past “starting all over” and bring you closer to the person you want to become in 6 months. But here’s the thing – you can stay accountable to a program, troubleshoot the small stuff along the way, and you don’t need to be checked in on.

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