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Create a strategy, build life-long habits and stay accountable.

Maximize the process and outcome with a dynamic approach and support. Step away from the red lights. And move forward with white lights, clarity and direction. Don’t worry – there’s a tier for just about every competitive powerlifter.

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Get a professional perspective. Someone who will guide you past “starting all over” and bring you closer to the person you want to become in 6 months. But here’s the thing – you can stay accountable to a program, troubleshoot the small stuff along the way, and you don’t need to be checked in on.

Let's see you thrive (just like them)!

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Competition Tee

I’ve been in the powerlifting community since 2017 and I’ve bought much apparel from powerlifting companies such as SBD, Bacon and Barbells, A7, Virus Performance, Band of Barbells, Lu Strength, LVD, Loaded Bar and so many more. Last year, I launched TEM Merch Shop selling shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, mugs, notebooks and tote bags to fundraise for a local shelter providing food for students. But it wasn’t the same. Yes, for a good cause but it wasn’t exactly specific for competing powerlifters. 


This is why this time is different. 

Kieran wearing TEM comp shirt at Centrals 2024

I’m Maria (Tobias), the powerlifting nutrition coach for competitive powerlifters.

I ended up cutting weight numerous times, which consistently limited my potential.

Instead of winning gold medals, I created a negative relationship with my body and nutrition. I realized that not only had I been focusing on the wrong number, but I had been hyper-focused on the wrong aspect of the sport. The worst part is… I wasn’t alone. When I stepped back, I realized many powerlifters had walked a similar path.  And it became a norm. 

So, I decided to take a step forward. 

I built TEM from education, experience and commitment to build a sustainable and realistic nutrition standard for competitive powerlifters.

Go on, explore the blog.

Expect deep dives, top tips and recommendations for powerlifters who want to fuel with purpose and enjoyment. 

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